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Welcome to The Uprising, a newsletter dedicated to disrupting your political news cycle. This is a completely independent publication focused on bringing you aggressive and exclusive reporting on the forces driving our age of upheaval.

My name is Hunter Walker and aim to bring you original and in-depth stories that will keep you ahead of the curve by getting out of Washington to bring you coverage of key local races and policy issues that don’t get nearly enough attention. The Uprising will offer you insider’s perspective and stories you won’t see anywhere else.

I have spent the last decade reporting on politics including stints as a White House correspondent and inside the infamous “Room 9” in New York’s City Hall. My work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including New York Magazine, Yahoo News, Business Insider, Gawker, the Village Voice, and the websites of Vanity Fair and The Atlantic, among others. I was on the campaign trail during the last two elections and have been on the front lines of protests around the country. I’ve also worked in the Hollywood gossip trenches.

In just a few months, The Uprising has broken news on authoritarian regimes spying on American activists, the January 6 attack, major White House meetings, Wall Street cash pouring into a local race, and spectacular campaign trail infighting and implosions. Paid subscribers receive an exclusive news roundup every week. Readers who choose to become founding members will unlock even more exclusive events and content.

This is a fully independent journalism venture and I won’t be able to keep it going without your support!

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